Below is a list of TIE 2003 Conference Handouts submitted to the Web Site as of 8/5/2003. The file type for each handout is listed with the Session Information. Click the link or URL to download or access the file on your computer.

Session: Technology with the "Write" stuff 1100
Presenter: Devonee Grams
File(s): Technology with the Write Stuff (PowerPoint)
CreativeSixTraits (Publisher)

Genre Handouts (Word)
InformationalSixTraits (Publisher)
Resources (Word)
Samples of Writing (Word)
Ten Tips for Teaching Writing (Word)

Session: Designing Effective Web Sites for Your School or District 1102
Presenter: Spence Cutting
File(s): Cutting Session (Adobe Acrobat)

Session: Introducing the Newest 4Teacher Tools! 1205
Presenter: Erica Schaapveld
File(s): Assign-A-Day (Word)
Assign-A-Day Practice (Word)
Casa Notes (Word)
Casa Naotes Practice (Word)
Notable Pics (Word)
Notable Pics Practice (Word)
Think Tank (Word)
Think Tank Practice (Word)

Session: Fantasy Football Online 1314
Presenter: Anthony Gomez
File(s): Session.htm

Session: PageMaker 7.0 For Educational Use 2103
Presenter: Mike Camelio
File(s): Handouts (Adobe Acrobat)
Vision (Adobe Acrobat)

Session: iPhoto: The Missing Documentation 2105
Presenter: Rick Spitzer
File(s): iPhoto (Adobe Acrobat)

Session: Overcoming the Roadblocks 2110
Presenter: Heather Flick
File(s): Overcoming Roadblocks (Word)
Overcoming Roadblocks (PowerPoint)
Scavenger Hunt (Word)
Website Presentation (Word)

Session: The Power Behind PowerPoint 2210
Presenter: Gaye Teipel
File(s): Into Slide (PowerPoint)

Session: Using MathKeys Software to Access Standards in K-2 2309
Presenter: Kathy Claybaugh-Norgaard
File(s): Math Keys (Word)

Session: Primary CAN PowerPoint 3110
Presenter: Shannon Morlan
File(s): Class Introduction (PowerPoint)
ABC Lesson (PowerPoint)
Frog and Toad (PowerPoint)
Ocean Animal (PowerPoint)
Primary Can PowerPoint (Word)
Project Ideas (Word)

Session: Palm: The Portable Classroom 3116
Presenter: Paul Dwyer
File(s): Palm (PowerPoint)

Session: Enhancing Early Elementary Education with the Internet 3203
Presenter: Pam Lewis
File(s): Enhancing earl (Adobe Acrobat)

Session: The Last Great Race
Presenter: Fran Cohen
File(s): Iditarod Handouts (Zip)

Session: Integrating MS Office into the K12 Curriculum with SchoolKit Enactz
Presenter: Dave Tarwater
File(s): Session (Word)

Session: Linux - the Cost Effective Solution
Presenter: Wayne Wolfe
File(s): Session (Zip)

Presenter: Mel Williamson
File(s): Rubrics
  Peer's Evaluation, Presentation self-eval; Research-speaking; Research-listening
  Research-writing; Writing/Self-Evaluation
Session: Colorado History
Presenter: Mel Williamson

Baby Doe Tabor.pdf
Barney Ford.pdf
Colorado Hist. Website.pdf
Kit Carson1.pdf

Session: Final Cut Pro
Presenter: Mel Williamson
File(s): Final Cut Pro 2003.pdf