About TIE

TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION COLORADO, INC. (TIE) is a Colorado-based organization founded in 1986 by a group of teachers with a vision to host a conference focusing on the increasing role technology plays in education.

Today, TIE organizes a premier statewide conference helping teachers integrate technology tools and 21st century skills including technology and information literacy standards into all content areas. TIE is organized and managed by a governing board of nine volunteers. Its major objective is to organize a four-day, hands-on technology focused conference each summer that models and promotes the use of technology integration in the classroom. Last year’s conference featured 100+ different workshops, featured speaker sessions and round-tables with more than 170 different presenters and co-presenters, mostly classroom teachers.

Registration for the annual TIE conference opens on approximately March 1 each year. Due to the popularity of the conference, participants are encouraged to register early. TIE takes pride in a hands-on approach in many of the sessions offered at the conference. Through the generous contributions of Colorado school districts, last year’s conference utilized over 400 computers providing close to a two-to-one ratio of attendees to computers.

TIE always welcomes new presenters, corporate sponsors, vendors and attendees. If you have additional questions regarding TIE, contact any of the TIE board members via e-mail.

Technology In Education Colorado, Inc. (TIE) is a tax-exempt organization under section 50i(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. As a 50i(c)(4) organization, TIE is responsible for income taxes on trade or business income that is not substantially related to its exempt status. TIE is also responsible for paying all applicable federal, state, and local sales tax on all purchases. In addition, payments to TIE in the form of exhibitor fees, conference attendance fees or any contributions of equipment, cash or sponsorship do not qualify as tax-deductible donations for attendees or exhibitors and should not be claimed as such on federal or state tax forms. TIE is in the process of changing from a 501c(4) to a 501c(3) organization. This change in IRS status will qualify TIE as a tax-deductible organization with additional tax advantages for attendees and vendors.

As a 501(c)(4) organization, TIE is responsible for disclosing yearly financial statements. To meet this requirement, TIE provides the current annual audited financial statement on its website. TIE’s audit is conducted by Waugh & Goodwin, LLP, a Colorado Springs-based certified public accounting firm. If you have specific questions regarding TIE’s financial statements, please contact mike herr, TIE board treasurer. Mike’s contact information can be found on the TIE Board webpage at www.tiecolorado.org.

We will be looking for volunteers to help out at the 2010 ISTE conference.  Check back for contact info and details!

President - Karen Ortiz   [email protected] Graland Country Day School

Vice President - Erin Magley   [email protected] Denver Public Schools

Treasurer - Mike Herr   [email protected] Colorado Springs District 11

Secretary - Kim McMonagle   [email protected] Douglas County School District

2011 Conference Chair - Randy Stall  [email protected] Littleton Public Schools

Michelle Bourgeois   [email protected] St. Vrain Valley SD

Alison Saylor   [email protected] Jefferson County Schools

Shery Watson  [email protected] Poudre School District

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