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Nomination form

Our TIE “Making IT Happen Award” is a program that identifies and rewards educational technology leaders and educators around Colorado for their commitment to education and innovation with the use of digital age tools.

Colorado TIE Board of Directors has created a committee of educators and leaders to select  our Making IT Happen awardee and forward their name on to ISTE.
Our awardee is announced and celebrated at the conference keynote session. The awardee receives:

  • TIE Colorado awards the recipient an Apple/Amazon Gift Card value of $250 

    As an ISTE affiliate, TIE Colorado is proud to ensure the Making IT Happen recipient will receive:

  • A pink Making it Happen (MIH) jacket for women or a black jacket for men, embroidered with the MIH logo
  • An ISTE award certificate
  • A one-year standard ISTE membership

Making IT Happen Selection Criteria

Referred to as the eight components, TIE will use the following criteria to select the Making IT Happen awardee:

Recipients of the awards are educators who:

  1. Apply available technology now.
  2. Move forward and don’t look back.
  3. See students as real people.
  4. Teach through relationships, inspiring, encouraging, nurturing.
  5. Recognize that further change is necessary but understand that it is a process.
  6. Realize that teacher empowerment is the key element in technology integration.
  7. Expect success.
  8. Motivate through awareness and access to information.