Call for presenters - 2011

Get ready for TIE Conference 2011 – NEW FRONTIERS
We are well into planning for the 2011 TIE Conference “New Frontiers” and are looking forward to being back after our year hiatus for the ISTE Conference. We are still going to be at the Copper Mountain Resort and this year’s conference dates are June 21 – 24. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! We have some new ideas we are implementing for this year’s conference and will be providing more information on them as the time nears.

If you have innovative classroom practices that you would like to share at the TIE Conference now is the time to let us know. If you have discovered new technologies that are making an impact on your classroom we want to have you present them. If you have found new uses for old tools that have made a difference in your classroom we want you. Have you found that technology is having a positive impact on your student engagement and achievement … we want you to present.

We are looking for presenters for the TIE Conference 2011 who have a passion for technology and its application in the classroom. This is your opportunity to share your successes with your colleagues from around the state. Your presentations are what make the TIE Conference the high quality conference that we have grown to expect and look forward to for the past 24 years.

Please include the URL to your presentation support material as part of this application. PLEASE NOTE, these do not need to be a completed on application, we just need the link now. This might, be a Google Doc handout, Slide-share upload of your powerpoint, Wiki or other virtual presentation. These virtual handouts will help us to save bandwidth and make archiving sessions easier. Often attendees download full presentations or handouts during sessions.

Due to challenging financial times and increasing costs we have changed the reimbursement schedule this year. There will be no 3 hour sessions. Two hour sessions will earn the presenter a free conference. One hour sessions will be rewarded with a $50 dollar gift card. While we would like to give out honorariums, our effort to keep cost down for all supersedes this. We hope you will still consider presenting for TIE. We are still one of very few conferences that reward presenters with free conference fees.

What do you need to do now? Click on the link below to get to our online proposal form. Be clear and precise. Your proposal will be considered based upon the information contained in this form. Fill it out and click on the submit button. The deadline for presentation proposals is Friday, December 17, 2010. We will be reviewing the submissions and will inform those who submit accepted proposals by February 1, 2011. If you have any questions feel free to contact Randy Stall ([email protected]) or Kim McMonagle ([email protected]).


Or goto


We look forward to hearing from everyone.

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