2010 CRSTE Global Symposium


Educators working together need no longer be confined to a local school, district, state, nation or even geographic location!

How do we know? In February 2010, CRSTE held a free 2-week totally online Cyber Conference for educators in the national capital region, and wound up welcoming 2,372 attendees from forty states and six continents!  We learned from that highly successful experience that beyond the content and the quality presenters, the biggest take-away from an online professional development experience is the networking that takes place: educators connecting, communicating, and finding common ground for collaboration.

The 2010 CRSTE Global Symposium will be held evenings and weekends for nine days, from October 16 - 24, 2010, to pursue and explore this notion of worldwide collaboration among professional educators. Sessions will examine the many issues and opportunities in transforming education in the Information Age. All online and completely free to public and private education stakeholders everywhere!

Who should attend? Administrators and teachers at all levels, educational
technology practitioners, technical support staff, higher education professionals, pre-service teachers and members of the business community seeking to help influence the success of twenty-first century education.

Featured presenters: Karen Cator, Alan November, Mark Weston, CRSTE’s Kathy Schrock Digital Pioneer and Leadership & Vision Award winners and education leaders and ed tech leaders from across six continents! Each weeknight and weekend days and evenings, the Global Symposium will offer sessions that allow you to connect and collaborate with like-minded educators from around the world, seeking to work together to transform education for the Information Age.

Click Here for Your Copy of the 2010 Global Symposium Catalog!


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