Welcome Letter

What an incredible world we live in and how unbelievably fast technology is growing and changing! TIE 2008 will endeavor for the first time to run the conference WIRELESS!  Technology is a constantly changing resource that serves the world. TIE encourages the exchange of ideas and information among those engaged in using Technology in education.

Wireless pathways are open doors to opportunities for learning and at TIE Educators and administrators together share best practice solutions and cutting edge innovations for succeeding while preparing for the classroom of tomorrow.

If we're wired, why aren't we transforming learning?  Why does technology in the classroom seem to have such trouble living up to its potential of improving the learning process?  Is the issue appropriate hardware, teacher training, appropriate software/content, or are other factors involved (Education Week, Mar 20, 2002). Come to TIE, 2008 and find the answers to these questions at the over 150 session where Educators educate educators.
Plan on attending TIE 2008 at Copper Mountain, CO. June 24 – 27, 2008!

Keep Dreaming!

Joe Buzzitta
Conference Chair 2008