Keynote: Dr Jason Ohler, University of Alaska

Dr. Jason Ohler is a speaker, writer, teacher, researcher and lifelong digital humanist. A quarter century ago at the University of Alaska he helped create one of the first educational technology programs in the country devoted to teacher empowerment, and has been involved in the world of digital learning nationally and internationally ever since. He is author many books, articles and widely regarded web resources. His new book for Corwin Press (Digital Stories in the Classroom: A Telling Experience), reminds us that first and foremost he is a storyteller, telling tales of the future of our imaginations that are grounded in the accomplishments of our past. Although he speaks and works with teachers throughout the US, Ireland, New Zealand and other parts of the world, he "thinks globally and acts locally," working with Alaskan teachers, students and citizens to use technology effectively, creatively and wisely.

"The goal is the effective, creative and wise use of know not only how to use technology, but when and why. To bring together technology, community and learning in ways that work. And while we are at it, to have fun."

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