TIE RoundTables

Tuesday, June 24, 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Check the conference wiki in early June for room locations.
(Seating is limited; first come, first served!)

8th Grade Technology Literacy Discussion
DeLilah Collins
Title II Part D Coordinator and E-rate Coordinator
Colorado Department of Education

CDE staff will be available to discuss 8th Grade Technology Literacy reporting requirements, statewide activities around 8th-grade literacy, new federal reporting requirements, and funding opportunities. Bring your success stories regarding assessment to share with the group.

Building Level Technology Coordinators RoundTable Discussion: Sharing Successes and Challenges
Suzanne Smith, Director of Technology
Eagle County Charter Academy

This roundtable discussion was developed to provide building level technology coordinators with a forum for sharing "what works" rather than having to reinvent the wheel. The need for this roundtable became apparent when an instructional technology coordinator made it known on CDE-Technet that there wasn't a vehicle for building-level technology coordinators to collaborate.

Building-level technology coordinators are typically responsible for various levels of technology maintenance and staff training in their buildings. The goals of this meeting are to discuss what tech coordinators can do to be more successful and the possibility of developing a vehicle for ongoing collaboration.

Developing Professional Development @ Littleton Public Schools
Michael Porter, Assistant Director, Instructional Technology
Littleton Public Schools

The purpose of this roundtable is to give an overview of the variety of professional development models in use at Littleton Public Schools, with an honest assessment of what works and why. The presenter is interested in sharing ideas and best practices from around the state.

Finding Your Way Around TIE Wireless Dreams
Ruby Severson and Randy Stall, Board Members
Conference Center, Bighorn B

This session is for the attendee who has never been to TIE before. Come join us and to learn the ins and outs of the conference and get some tips for making the most of your TIE experience.

Geek Factor
Mike Riggs, Systems Engineer
Falcon School District 49

Calling all geeks! This roundtable will discuss district and building-level IT direction, issues and ideas. As the attendee, you will drive the discussion. Some suggestions might include wireless infrastructure, virtualization and equipment replacement strategies. Please come with an open mind and lots of input. It will not work without you.

Student Technology Fairs – Help Design a Statewide Opportunity
Connie Masson, Manager of Educational Technology
St. Vrain School District

Gwynn Moore, Instructional Technology Teacher
Paris Elementary School, Aurora Public Schools
Shannon Wentworth, Instructional Technology Teacher
Sixth Avenue Elementary School, Aurora Public Schools

Do you have a student technology showcase methodology in your school or district? Would you like to? If so, please join Aurora, Douglas and St. Vrain school districts as we collaborate to build a state student technology event, reflect on our local technology fair experiences, and help others in local efforts. Share your results and pick each other’s brains. See the Colorado School Technology Fairs wiki, visit some Colorado tech fair websites and collaborate to plan a state technology fair.

Teacher Leaders = Digital Educators Making a Difference!
Kim McMonagle and Elizabeth Walhof, Educational Technology Specialists
Douglas County School District

What does effectively integrating technology into teacher instruction and student learning look like in the 21st century? Douglas County School District invites you to join us in a discussion about our Digital Educator Program (DEP). As we plan for our fourth year of the program, we will share many tips and tricks for developing a successful program.

Teachers from every DCSD school are participating in the DEP mentee program--building capacity for 21st-century learning opportunities that engage our digital natives. An additional 32 educators are committed to three years as a DEP mentor. This train-the-trainer model has gone beyond our wildest dreams; hear about it from the DEP facilitators and teachers. NEW: Digital Administrator Program….principals help build a technology-rich learning culture in every school.

Trials and Tabletizing: Why Tablets are Worth It
Sarah Digiacomo, Assistant Principal, Fairview High School
Boulder Valley School District

We became a tablet school after a short two-month trial period. At present 75% of our staff uses tablet PCs in an instructional setting. We have learned a lot. Come and join the discussion. Are tablets worth the cost? In what ways are tablets better than laptops? If we could do it all again, what would I change? Not much, but I would enjoy processing this topic with you.

Web 2.0 Bumps in the Road
Dan Watkins
Digital Media Teacher, School Technologist and Technology & Web 2.0 Staff Facilitator, Wheat Ridge High School
Alison Saylor

Digital Video and Computer Teacher and District Web 2.0 Staff Developer, Everitt Middle School
Tech Ed Instructor, Regis University and UCD

This roundtable is geared toward the secondary uses of Web 2.0 tools. We will discuss and share the challenges and successes in implementing Web 2.0 tools in our schools. Discussion topics will be: dealing with student access (all needing e-mail accounts), parent notifications and permissions, usage expectations and guidelines for students, teacher buy-in and training, tools that work and making tool choices, and managing the workloads these tools bring.

Please come with questions, suggestions, and examples of uses, personal experiences and solutions to share. An associated wiki ( will be provided to capture the elements of best practice so we will ALL be off on the right foot come fall. The collaborative element that is so strong in Web 2.0 tools will help us all to be more successful in this new frontier.

The School Library: Power for the 21st-Century Learner...
Maggie Armstrong and Joan Arrowsmith, Power Libraries Program Coaches

Are you interested in learning more about the Colorado Power Libraries Program? This influential group consists of teacher-librarians who are instructional leaders in their schools. They collaborate with teachers and instructional staff to ensure that students have the best standards-based instruction integrated with information literacy and 21st-century skills. Come learn more about why you should be part of this POWERful program.